With so many different methods of marketing emerging in the digital world, how is email still the best option for roofing contractor marketing?

Email lets you get close to your customers in a way that’s not practical elsewhere. In some ways, it’s almost like you’re having a personal conversation with them.

Curious how to maximize your email efforts for your roofing business? We’ve got five expert tips waiting for you below.

Target your emails

First and foremost, your emails aren’t going to get anywhere if they aren’t targeted.

They need to be focused to your intended demographic, or else your open and click-through rates are going to be incredibly poor.

Don’t send out your emails in one blast. Segment them out according to your customers’ activity.

Additionally, make sure they’re personalized. Nobody likes feeling as though they’re part of a giant marketing campaign, and that includes your customers.


A great way to keep your audience updated and current about what’s going on with your business is to use newsletters!

They may seem outdated, but newsletters can help provide information to your customers and help them feel close to you. Contrary to popular belief, some customers do enjoy following what a business has to say.

Use this platform to spread educational information about your field, along with creative content. This has the double benefit of giving your client base regular content, which is key when it comes to marketing in today’s climate.

Make a twist!

Of course, the point of your email marketing is to make a sale. When it comes to roofing contractors marketing, that’s your bottom line. However, you need to present your offers a little differently than you normally would.

Think of your offer, and then add some options and twists that go along with that offer. Rather than offering a percentage off of a service, offer a percentage off of a service done with certain materials.

Give the customer choices to give them the feeling that they have the power. They’re the ones making the decision; it’s important to actually give them a decision to make.


You can’t overstate the importance of images in emails nowadays. The same rule applies to email as it does across the Internet: Visual content is having its heyday.

With attention spans dwindling, you can’t afford to let your message get lost as it drowns in text. The fact of the matter is that nobody’s going to read it if it doesn’t catch their eye.

Figure out a way to convey the same thing in fewer words with an attractive, educational image to go along with it, and you’ll see the profits before you know it.

Roofing contractor marketing: the bottom line

When it comes to marketing your roofing business, you’re making a big mistake if you don’t follow these easy tips. There’s a reason email has remained a big part of digital marketing.

Make sure your emails are personalized and make sure you’re offering your clients things that they can’t get anywhere else. At the same time, put the power into their hands and make sure your emails are attractive.

With these tips under your belt, you’ll be crafting attractive, business-boosting emails in no time!

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