Displaying yard signs is a pretty straightforward local marketing strategy. Utilizing yard signs for your brand is simple and requires minimal investment. All that is really needed for this form of local marketing is the right material, the right design, and the right message for your brand. So what are the best tips to launch an effective yard sign campaign?

1. Create a Plan for your yard signs

Just like with any other plan in business, you need to start with a rough outline of your idea. Think about who your target audience is for the signs. What are the best ways to catch that audience’s attention through signs? What are your sign design ideas? What materials are needed? What kind of message do you want to display? Keep these questions in mind as you map out your plan.

2. Come Up with a Color Scheme

The colors need to be eye catching and associated with your brand. It is best to use contrasting colors in order to stand out. The more visible the sign is, the better. A simple example of contrasting colors would be black and white.

3. Use Large, Easy to Read Fonts

Try out different fonts before picking out the final font. Just like the color scheme, you want the font design to be attention-grabbing and easy on the eyes. Keep it simple and avoid fancy fonts – those are harder to read for passing drivers. Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, Times New Roman and Avant Garde are always popular choices for font.

4. Display an Interesting Message

The message should be short in text so that drivers will be able to read it quickly. Create a straightforward message that calls for action. Think about what you want potential customers to do. Should they call a number, visit a website, stop and grab a brochure, or visit an office in person? Are there any special discounts or deals that your business is offering? What is appealing about your brand? Make it clear on the yard sign.

5. Buy the Sign Materials

There are a variety of materials to choose from for yard signs. Size matters here; the bigger signs will be easier to read and will catch the attention of the passerby. Plastic signs are recommended as they tend to withstand rough weather conditions more easily. When choosing the number of signs to print, remember that a higher quantity per run will mean a lower price.

6. Distribute the Yard Signs

Just like with other forms of marketing, where you display your message is the key to success. The signs will need to be displayed in areas where they can most effectively reach your target audience. Besides placing them in the yards of homes or businesses that have already been serviced, look into other high-visibility areas nearby. Research into the areas that potential customers most frequently drive by. Signs posted near high traffic areas and popular business areas tend to do well.

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