How to Upgrade Your Local SEO Marketing

How to Upgrade Your Local SEO Marketing

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The whole purpose of going digital today is to give an extra boost to your small business. Something you should keep in mind is the important of local SEO (search engine optimization).

How to Upgrade Your Local SEO Marketing

The first perception people have of your business depends on where it is in local search results. To know how to upgrade your SEO marketing, read the local SEO tips below.

1. Make the Best Use of Google Lens

Google Lens gives you the option of visual search optimization. People project that when it comes to local SEO in 2018, buyers will make Google Lens the most frequently used search engine.

For example, if you are running a shoe store, then Google Lens will show your specific audience an image that people can tap to decide whether to buy from you or not.

In fact, it is really important for marketers to seize the opportunity of Google Lens’s technology in order to run their businesses smoothly.

2. Optimization Via Voice Search Queries

Before moving towards digitalized marketing, it is extremely important to understand each of the features of SEO marketing. Voice search queries are a new and amazing feature for running your business competitively and easily.

Voice search queries are basically a process where somebody asks any question and Google Voice triggers the markup points that sellers provide on their websites. It then shows relevant results to the askers.

But what is important about voice search for local SEO? Select a good assistant, such as Google Assistant, in order to get in Google’s common markup list. That way, if anyone searches through conversational queries, they can get instant access to your website.

To get in the list of voice search queries on Google’s local SEO, you need to make sure to provide common and well-defined markups on your websites.

These include mentioning your opening and closing hours, payment methods, favourites list, cell phone number, address, and city. Other than this information, make sure to use sentences that begin with W’s, e.g., what, why, where, when, and who.

3. NAP Consistency

SEO marketing is worth nothing if you fail to depict the same NAP at all your logins. NAP stands for name, address, and phone number.

Even before the time of information technology, all of the top MNC’s (multinational corporations)—if they were still ruling as number one—had their business listings at the top of readers’ lists. NAP consistency is must for promoting your local business through SEO.

What does Google really want? Well, if you correctly provide your NAP on the major directories on Google, you can easily catch your potential buyers.

If your business is small and you cannot afford to dive into a large pool of world-class business directories, then try the best you can to get listed within local business directories.

Another good tip is to be reviewed on the best listings. If your business gets 5-star ratings on various directories, that will enrich the development of your business.

4. Online Local Influencers

In 2017,, a number one ecommerce website of Pakistan, earned millions just on Black Friday. The major reason behind the site’s phenomenal success was its dealing with online local influencers.

To jumpstart your SEO marketing, get access to online local influencers. Now the question is, who are online influencers? They can be any bloggers, social media activists, or marketing campaigners. One of the major local SEO strategies is promotion through a popular social media personality.

For example, is there any blogger who is posting about ongoing events in your city and has access to many followers on Twitter or Facebook? If so, then try to get your business associated with his or her social media platform. Doing so can be the best way to promote your business in your location.

How does Google link to the influencer? Since 2010, Google has had the capability to show the results of an appropriate search of your choice by locating online influencers in its search results.

online marketing diagram

5. Get Hands-On Maximum Backlinks

Getting information on how to do local SEO is not like an economic theory, but is rather a practical process. To give a boost to your business via SEO marketing, the very first step you should take is to get backlinks.

What is a backlink? It is when you link your website to another site’s domain. For example, if you sponsor a college concert with some cash or credit, that university will promote your business or brand name in its promotional campaign on its website.

Local SEO Will Grow Your Business

The advice above includes some of the best and most informative tips for you to promote your local business while working on proper SEO marketing techniques.

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VendastaCon: The Local Marketing Conference of 2018 – Vendasta Blog

VendastaCon: The Local Marketing Conference of 2018 – Vendasta Blog

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VendastaCon: The Local Marketing Conference of 2018

The VendastaCon Promise

VendastaCon 2018 will teach companies, from entrepreneur to enterprise, how to transform their businesses into recurring revenue machines.

Why? Because local businesses are at a big disadvantage when it comes to competing against corporations, and need local experts like you to stand a chance. In order to succeed in local, companies must leverage the technology at their disposal—through SaaS marketing technology companies.

VendastaCon 2018 is the event for your business to achieve peak performance in local and build a company that thrives on the success of local businesses.

We also promise that we’re going to have one hell-of-a good time, because it wouldn’t be Vendasta without a party.

It’s time to #ConquerLocal.

Words from our Charming Execs on VendastaCon 2018

Jackie and Brendan will both be taking the stage once again in the 2018 edition of VendastaCon, and you will not want to miss what they have in store for you.

Why VendastaCon is NOT Like the Other Conferences

This section is key.

First of all, VendastaCon 2018 is in beautiful Banff, and what’s more Canadian than a weekend getaway to Alberta’s favorite town?

Secondly, the open format of VendastaCon 2018 boasts unparalleled networking opportunities for all in attendance. You can be guaranteed to establish meaningful connections with experts, industry leaders, and the brightest minds in the space.

Thirdly, VendastaCon truly is the Conference for Local Marketing. This might sound repetitive, but only because it is the truth. Data packed insights and hands on learning opportunities will ensure that you can scale your agency into the recurring revenue machine that it is capable of being.

Jeff says it best:

Our first goal is to put on a meaningful conference with really actionable takeaways. But we’re also going to put on a different kind of event. We’re on this earth for a good time and not a long time so we’re going to have some fun and take in one of the most amazing places on earth!

Jeff Tomlin

CMO, Vendasta

VendastaCon 2018 Agenda

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty and spoil the entire event for you, but I simply want to wet your taste buds.  Here is a quick overview of what you can expect for the first week of April:

I’m going to make it real simple for you and break these events into 4 overlying themes for the conference:

Data-Backed Insights from Industry Experts

With a spectrum of Vendasta representatives as well as numerous industry experts, you can be guaranteed to leave this conference with a wealth of data supported and actionable takeaways. Like Jackie said, this is going to be a very tactical conference with the type of elements that you can implement on Monday morning—not high in the sky and concentrated with theoreticals.

We will start by addressing what’s at stake in the industry and how it’s truly time to adapt or die. Through Vendasta’s connection to thousands of SMBs, we have collected mass amounts of data which allows us to provide very tailored insights into the problems SMBs are facing, and how to best accommodate their needs.

We will also have programming on how to sell and how to fulfill. Selling local is hard, but with certain tactics, scaling your agencies revenue will become a breeze. And lastly, we will directly address how to conquer the menace that is churn – and the answer is a grade-A fulfillment process.

Some relevant faces that will take the stage include those of George Leith, Jackie Cook, Gordon Borrell, Mark MacLeod, and many more that I don’t want to spoil for you.

New Industry Data

Innovation is vital to survival in the digital climate, and we place a very heavy owness on this at Vendasta. For this reason, we have invited speakers that are at the forefront of technological advancement to share their insight on the implications that innovation is going to have on the marketing and advertising sector.

You can expect appearances from speakers such as Google’s Ryan D’Mello as well as Dennis Yu of BlitzMetrics. Here is a sneak peak of what you can expect to see from Ryan D’Mello:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are already transforming the technological landscape. From digital assistants to image-recognition software to self-driving cars, what was once the stuff of science fiction is now becoming a reality. But what exactly does it mean for marketing and advertising leaders? It could get us closer to one of advertising’s most-sought goals: relevance at scale.

Ryan D’Mello

Partner Enablement and Training, Google

Masterful Networking

You don’t find many more social people than us Vendastians, and we keep pretty good company too. So, what does this mean for you? It means that you can be sure to take part in some truly meaningful and personal interactions, and you are pretty damn likely to establish some connections that will remain valuable for years to come.

This is THE best place to meet the power players for local marketing and learn from the best.

Dennis Yu

Chief Technology Officer, BlitzMetrics

Whether you want to join us on the peak of Sulpher Mountain, or take a shot at the karaoke title at Wild Bills, we are excited to spend some (very Canadian) time with you!

The More Fun / More Canadian Stuff

I kind of alluded to a couple of these activities already, but there’s more.

In addition to riding the Banff Gondola and hanging out on the top of a mountain, there will be plenty other opportunities to appeal to your more adventurous side. With an optional guided tour of the infamous Johnston Canyon, and ample time to take advantage of some of the best ski slopes in the world – your needs should be more than appeased.

And if the cocktails are more your speed, there will be a Vendasta style cocktail reception to compliment what is sure to be a pretty western night at Wild Bills on Wednesday.

Banff Hot Springs
Johnston Canyon
Wild Bills Saloon
32598974 - alpine skier skiing downhill, blue sky on background

At Vendasta, we are passionate about remaining agile in our space and pursuing constant improvement, and this conference will be no exception. If you are feeling enticed, a more in depth look at the agenda can be found here.   

VendastaCon 2017 Highlights

2017 boasted numerous speakers from Vendasta as well as many more industry experts in their respective fields. Here are some of the highlights.

Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu is the Chief Technology Officer at BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing agency that has a focus on optimizing your marketing efforts through Facebook. Being that Dennis is pen pals with Mark Zuckerberg, I believe that he’s more than qualified to give his insight. His focus in 2017 was on how to utilize Facebook for hyper-targeted local marketing, and how to unlock it’s lead-gen capabilities while still fitting a budget.

Nykea Behiel

One of the major goals for Vendasta in 2016 was to generate leads through content, particularly organic leads. Vendasta’s (then) Director of Content used her own experience to explain 5 secrets of content marketing as well as the tactics needed for implementation.

Aside from the learning and networking opportunities, one of the most notable takeaways for attendees of the 2017 edition was truly the fun that they had. Some even made reference to the 80’s rock show vibe of the event.

But, if you are interested in reading more about the 2017 line-up and topics covered, feel free to visit our content library.


I don’t have any last motivational words to leave you with, I’ll save those for our highly talented and charismatic speakers at the conference. Now just do yourself a favor and grab some tickets here, and let us conquer local together.


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This article was originally published on 02 Mar, 2018 by Brock Andony.
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Developing a Winning Local Digital Marketing Strategy | Qiigo

Developing a Winning Local Digital Marketing Strategy | Qiigo

This curated content was originally published on 12 Mar, 2018 via:

Mastering local marketing can be a challenge for franchise brands. While the digital revolution has made some marketing efforts easier, with four in five consumers turning to their phone first to shop, it has also highlighted the need to intercept consumers on their new digital paths to purchase.

For a prioritized head start, here are six local digital marketing tactics that can help franchisors drive local sales and increase consumer awareness:

Manage Local Listings and Location
According to Google, location is one of the top factors when determining relevant search results. So while it may seem basic, updating and maintaining online business listings is extremely important for franchisors. This includes your business name, hours of operation, address, phone number, and description on main sites, including Google, Facebook, and others. Enter complete data, verify your locations, and keep your hours of operation accurate, especially around the holidays or other special events. Ensuring your information is accurate will give potential customers confidence that directions to your location will be accurate, and that you’ll be open when they get there.

Use Local Landing Pages Within Your Corporate Site
Many franchisees like to have independent sites because it makes it easy for them to provide personalized local content, but these pages often lack the authority needed to get to the top of a results page. Having a local landing page, or microsite, off a corporate website can give franchisees a nice boost in search authority, and if franchisors provide franchisees the flexibility to localize their landing pages, this partnership can elevate the value of the entire site.

Understand Your Industry’s Top Aggregator Sites
While showing up in search results is important, it’s just as important to show up in popular apps and tools that consumers frequently turn to when searching for your type of products or services. Mobile apps such as TripAdvisor, Foursquare, and Yelp are popular destinations for consumers, and since these sites employ their own marketing efforts, targeted consumers return on a regular basis for fresh content. Position your franchise within your industry’s top aggregator sites to capture a great source of consumer traffic and local branding.

Employ Paid Search
Bidding on relevant keywords continues to be one of the fastest and most effective ways to engage with consumers looking for your type of goods or services. Franchisees looking to highlight their locations can utilize Google’s Local Extensions option. Other options include Customer Match and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, which allow brands to use previous behavior and consumer insights to change bids and messaging. However you decide to tackle paid search, remember to measure and monitor the success of your efforts by using call tracking, analytics, or unique option codes.  

Drive and Monitor User Reviews
Online reviews are modern day word-of-mouth, and one consumer’s negative experience can be magnified in today’s digital age. Franchisors can help their brand and franchisees by monitoring brand mentions on popular sites such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s also important to drive consumer feedback. Franchisors can provide tools to spark social engagement, including digital tools, traditional printed materials, point-of-sale signage, table tents, or mail inserts. While every business strives for positive feedback, not everyone has something great to say, and that’s okay. Most consumers realize that it’s impossible to please everyone all the time, and if someone has had a bad experience, feedback provides you with an opportunity to remedy the situation if warranted, while demonstrating to potential customers that you care about their satisfaction.

Drive Loyalty
The cost of converting a new customer is usually far greater than retaining a current customer. To drive loyalty for your brand and keep customers coming back, there are a variety of tactics that can be used by franchisors, including email campaigns, engaging with consumers via social media, and delivering on the brand promise.

These digital marketing tactics can drive local sales and increase consumer awareness, but to truly know what works for you and your franchisees, always measure results and adjust to optimize your efforts.  


This article was originally published on 12 Mar, 2018 by Taylor Hall.
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Online advertising continues to drive local ad spend growth | Marketing Interactive

Online advertising continues to drive local ad spend growth | Marketing Interactive

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36626594 - online advertising pay per click clickjacking

Online advertising continues to drive local ad spend growth

Advertisers spent 55% of their advertising budget on online advertising, including interactive and mobile last year, according to the latest Hong Kong Advertisers Association Advertising Spending Projections 2018 survey, conducted by Nielsen.

Total advertising spend in 2017 was HK$41.9 billion, 4% more than in 2016. Advertising spending on online interactive and mobile accounted for 38% of all advertising spending, compared with 39% for TV and newspaper advertising combined.

The survey shows that this year 33% of advertisers plan to increase their advertising spending, and another 53% said their budget will remain unchanged.

One changing trend is that instead of advertising funds being shifted from offline to online or mobile channels, 31% of advertisers are now gaining additional funding to support online marketing. The decline in the proportion of advertising funds allocated to offline channels last year was less than the decline in the previous year.

ad spendad spend 2

“The increase in advertising budget is attributable mainly to advertisers’ increasing focus on digital media,” said Cherry Lau, senior director of media, Nielsen Hong Kong.

“As many as 63% of surveyed advertisers reported that they will increase their online advertising budget, a clear sign for marketers of how advertising is being transformed. 2018 will be another year for online advertising. As the survey shows, projected advertising spending is 59% for online and 41% for offline. Of the funds allocated for online marketing, paid social or social network advertising continued to lead at 12.8%, followed by display ads at 10.2% and video ads at 9%.”

In terms of the marketing effectiveness of various channels, 83% of respondents said they expected the marketing effectiveness of mobile marketing to increase, followed by online video (66%) and social media/paid social media content (65%). In regards to offline channels, live TV retains some of its competitiveness at 41%, but only 2% of respondents say they regard print as an effective channel.

ad spend KPI

After years of engaging marketing activities with social media channels, advertisers are becoming more mature in using social media as a marketing platform, and more diversified strategies entail using online video (74%), mobile social (61%) and social media pages (56%).

The survey also shows that advertisers are optimistic about Hong Kong’s economy, with 38% of them expected the economy to pick up in 2018, a level of confidence greater even than that related to the global economy.

With the media landscape becoming more fragmented and diversified, advertisers see that the big challenge is to understand customers’ interactions across different media channels (41%). It is important for them to allocate the right resources to the right channels to maximise return on investment.

However, rapid technological changes (22%) and increasing concern about privacy (19%) are seen as some of the rising challenges.

“With online becoming the mainstream, there is no doubt that mobile will become preeminent over the next few years. Even though advertisers now have more experience and control in using online and in online/social marketing tactics, marketers are still keen on having cross-channel optimization and online measurement to help them make better decisions,” said Raymond Ho, chairman of the Hong Kong Advertisers Association.

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8 Secrets of Local Facebook Marketing in 2018

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Have you made New Year’s resolutions for your business?
If not, why not?
Think about it. It’s a new year and it’s one that’s full of opportunities. Even if you killed it with your marketing in 2017, there’s always room for improvement. So, here’s one suggestion for a resolution:
Master local marketing on Facebook.
Facebook is huge, with 2.2 billion users and counting. The chances are good that many of your customers use it daily – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing a great job of connecting with them.
And let’s face it – social marketing has some challenges. Facebook keeps refining their algorithms, and that’s made it harder than it used to be to be sure your target audience sees the content you post.
With that in mind, here are eight things you can do starting right now to ring the new year in with a bang – and become a master of local Facebook marketing.

#1: Create a Facebook Event
Creating events on Facebook helps raise your visibility, engage existing customers, and attract new ones. Here’s how to do it:
1. Come up with an event. It could be a sale, a social event, or even a performance.
2. Go to the Events tab to create your event.
3. Fill in the date and time of your event, choose a category for it, and put in keywords that will help people find it.
4. Add a Google map or directions.
5. Link to a ticketing site if people need to buy tickets.
Once the event is set up, you can invite people and share it on your page. You can even pay to boost it, or run it as an ad to attract more attendees.

#2: Create and Share Local Content
You’re a local business – so show some local pride to connect with potential customers! If there’s a local tradition or event coming up, or if you see an article that highlights something unique about your city, share it with your followers.
Of course, you need to do more than share. You can increase your page’s visibility by tagging other local businesses, events, or landmarks in your post.
This is an opportunity to connect with other local business owners, too. You might be able to help one another out!

#3: Let People Know What You’re Doing
Are you attending a trade show? Hosting a booth at a community event? Maybe you’ve sponsored a soccer team and you’re attending a game.
Whatever it is, it’s an opportunity to check in at your location, tag other businesses and events, and keep your audience up-to-date on what you’re doing.
It’s important here not to overdo tagging. Nobody cares if you stopped at Starbucks for a latte. Stick to events and locations that highlight your business and your audience will thank you.

#4: Get People to Write Facebook Reviews of Your Business
Reviews are hugely important. They provide social proof – and a recent Bright Local survey found that 92% of all consumers read online reviews before they make a purchase.
Facebook reviews can help increase your profile and attract new customers. You can encourage people to leave reviews by reaching out to your list or creating a post where you ask for reviews.
Keep in mind that star reviews without a written review accompanying them won’t get you as much visibility as written reviews. You may want to create a template for people who aren’t sure what to write where you ask things like:

  • What problem did you have before buying our product or using our service?
  • How did working with us help you?
  • What were the biggest changes you experienced because of your purchase?
  • Once you’ve collected some reviews, you can share them on your page. You can do the same, of course, with reviews from Yelp and Google.

#5: Create Groups for Your Followers
Did you know that Facebook allows you to create groups for people who follow your page? Creating a group can be an effective way of building a community and focusing conversations and content on a topic.
For example, if you offer an array of services, you might create a group for each one. That way, people can connect with others who use the service, ask questions, and even recommend your services to others.

#6: Give People a Reason to Come to Your Store
Many local businesses rely on foot traffic to drive sales. If you do, you can use your Facebook account to encourage people to come see you in person.
For example, you might create and share an in-person coupon that people can use when they come to your store. Or, you might offer a giveaway for those who visit your location.
Other things you can do to entice in-person visits include:

  • Aligning yourself with a local cause or charity
  • Hosting in-store events
  • Teaming up with other local businesses to create joint promotions
  • Having a contest or sweepstakes for people who make a purchase within a specified timeframe
  • These things can all help attract customers to your store – and get them to make purchases.

#7: Run a Contest
Running a contest on Facebook can help you attract new followers and build engagement. If you decide to do it, keep in mind that Facebook has strict rules about what you can and can’t do. For example, you can’t require followers to Like or Share a post to enter.
Make sure that your contest has:

  • A clear start and end date
  • Prizes that are appealing and relevant to your target audience
  • Well-defined rules

And, of course, you’ll need to deliver prizes on schedule and as promised.

#8: Market Your Facebook Page in Your Store
In local marketing, one hand washes the other. While you might put your focus on bringing customers from your Facebook page to your store, it can work in reverse, too!
For example, you might put a link to your Facebook page on flyers, business cards, and coupons. You can also ask customers to take a picture in your store and post it on Facebook while tagging you. Offering an incentive, like a 10% off coupon or a gift card, can help.

Local Facebook marketing poses some challenges, but now you know how to address them. Local content, events, and contests can all help you attract new customers to your Facebook page – and your store.

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