The roofing industry has recorded sluggish growth rates in recent years.

According to estimates by the International Roofing Expo, the future looks sluggish, too.

As a roofing contractor, this means you have to pump more energy into your marketing efforts if you want to increase your sales.

But roofing marketing isn’t that simple. With virtually every contractor setting aside funds for marketing campaigns, outshining the competition can be challenging.

In this post, we are sharing pro tips for crafting a winning marketing strategy for your roofing business.

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Optimize Your Website for Search (and Mobile)

Almost all roofing contractors have business websites, but not all have optimized websites.

To earn big rewards from the internet, your website must be optimized for web and mobile search.

Hire an experienced digital agency to make all the changes that can improve the online visibility of your business. This may include registering an SEO-friendly domain name, developing sitemaps for various search engines and submit the website to online directors.

Since mobile accounts for over 60% of all internet traffic, your developers must also optimize the website for mobile devices.

Build Social Media Presence

Although search engines still take the largest share of digital marketing dollars, social media is catching up.

Used correctly, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can push your roofing business to the next level. About 78% of Americans use social media as of 2016.

Create a business page on these sites and start building a following. Post new engaging content on a regular search, and consider running advertising campaigns on your preferred platform.

Invest in Digital Content

Content is king.

One of most effective ways to boost your business is to invest in content marketing. Even though your content should be a blend of articles, pictures, and videos, focus more on videos.

Today, 7 out 10 Millennials watch an online video before making a purchase decision.

You should, therefore, shoot high-quality videos showcasing your past projects and post them on your website. You can also take videos of client testimonies, as well as reviews of various roofing products.

Don’t Abandon Off-line Roofing Marketing

Online marketing is the hottest thing in marketing right now, but that doesn’t mean you abandon your offline efforts.

You can still grab a good number of customers from the 13% of American adults who don’t use the internet!

Sure, that’s a small target market but acquiring just one more customer can make a big difference to your business.

Some effective offline roofing marketing ideas include advertising in local newspapers and construction magazines and representing your company at local trade shows.

Deliver High-Quality Roofing Services

Sometimes you don’t have to spend a penny to market your roofing services.

If you can deliver quality roof installations and leave your customers satisfied, they will likely recommend your services to other people.

And you know what? Word-of-mouth is powerful. It’s a key purchase influencer for 74% of consumers!


Every year, about 1 million new homes are built in the US, and many more require roofing repairs or renovations.

This means business is out there for roofing contractors, but you must up your marketing game to get a larger piece of the cake. With these marketing tips, you stand a good chance of staying two steps ahead of your competition.

But if you want to give your business an even bigger boost, let us take care of your marketing needs, so that you can focus on installing those roofs!

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