It’s finally 2017, which means digital marketing is getting bigger and better!

Want to know how to make your digital marketing efforts even more successful?

Check out our list of the 4 important digital marketing trends of 2017:

1. Content Marketing

One of the top digital marketing trends that will probably never fade is content marketing. Creating awesome and relevant content is very important when trying to send a message about your business to your customers.

Your content is on your website, your social media pages, and on your blog.

Social media is a huge platform where content will always be seen by your consumers. You should figure out if the content that you are posting on your social media profiles is appealing to your target audience.

You can use silly photos, video tutorials, or anything else that you think will give your customers a reason to click on your links.

Make sure that any post you send out is always interesting and relevant content.

2. Mobile Marketing

Everyone these days is constantly on their phones. For this reason, many companies have looked at setting up mobile marketing campaigns to get more sales.

Having ads on mobile apps such as Instagram, or creating your own app, will let users buy your products from anywhere.

People are looking for quick and easy ways to do what they need to do. Your company can help them get the services they need right away by going mobile.

Make all of your campaigns and your website mobile friendly, so that anyone can use your services wherever they are.

3. Live Video as a Digital Marketing Trend

Another big digital marketing trend that is fairly new is the popularity of live videos.

For example, Facebook now enables its users to record themselves live at any time and share their live videos with their friends. People all over are tuning in to watch all of these live videos.

Instagram also has a similar feature where users can record themselves live as well.

Use the live video strategy as a marketing tool. You can record yourself talking about a product, interviewing customers, doing a short tutorial, and anything else you would want your customers to experience.

Make your business exciting by allowing your customers to feel like they are sharing the experience with you directly.

4. Digital Marketing Trends Include Facebook Ads

Ready for the final trend?

A lot of companies are starting to use Facebook ads as a digital marketing effort to promote themselves.

Especially if you are looking to advertise your business towards Millenials, Facebook ads would be very beneficial.

With every Facebook ad that you create, make sure that it links back to your website.

Again, you want to make it easy for your customers to find you online. Facebook ads are also inexpensive and you can even pay per click.

Now that you’re familiar with all of the newest digital marketing trends, do your best to implement them into your marketing efforts.

Get ready for your business to thrive in 2017!

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